Traffic Info - Covid19

COVID-19 Information for travelers using Disko Line

Disko Line follows the situation on a daily basis, and as always, we adhere to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' official travel guide and guidelines from the Greenlandic authorities.

Last updated: Wednesday 21 July 2021.

The new executive order for travel in and entry into Greenland has three primary changes:

  1. Quarantine rules for all entrants
  2. All entrants - regardless of age - must present proof of a negative result for COVID-19
  3. Use of medical face mask - until final destination. If you for instance travel from Denmark and are travelling to Qeqertarsuaq or Qaqortoq, you may not remove the face mask until you have left the terminal at your final destination. Please notice: Traveling to a town / settlement that is not listed in the list below, is not permitted, unless you can document a negative COVID-19 result:

1) I Avannaata Kommunia:
   a) Ilulissat

2) I Kommune Qeqertalik:
   a) Aasiaat
   b) Qasigiannguit
   c) Qeqertarsuaq

3) I Qeqqata Kommunia:
   a) Kangerlussuaq
   b) Maniitsoq
   c) Sisimiut

4) I Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq:
   a) Nuuk
   b) Paamiut

5) I Kommune Kujalleq:
   a) Narsaq
   b) Narsarsuaq
   c) Qaqortoq

New recommendations when entering Greenland

All travelers to Greenland are encouraged to:

The authorities' guidelines are updated regularly. We encourage you to stay up to date with the latest information and recommendations.

You can read more here: