Traffic Info - Covid19

COVID-19 Information for travelers to Greenland - Disko Line "Cruise & Hotel"

We understand that you may be worried about your trip to Greenland with Disko Line's "Cruise & Hotel" in the coming time.

Disko Line relates to the coronavirus situation. Disko Line follows the situation on a daily basis, and as always, we adhere to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' official travel guides and guidelines from the Greenlandic Authorities – National Labor Office .

Valid for trips from March 13 - April 13, 2020

All package tours, departing in the period from March 13 to April 13, 2020, cf. the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UM) travel guide, will be canceled. Disko Line will continuously inform the affected travelers.

Valid for travel from April 14 - May 10, 2020

According to the Danish Prime Minister's press conference on Monday, April 4, 2020 at 20:00, it was stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against all travel out of Denmark until May 10, 2020. This means that all packages with Disko Line "Cruise & Hotel" during this period are canceled. Disko Line contacts the affected travelers directly.

Valid for travel from May 11 - May 31, 2020

On Saturday, May 9, the Foreign Ministry of Denmark extended its global travel guide. In doing so, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs discourages all unnecessary travel for the entire world up to and including 31 May. This means that all Disko Line "Cruise & Hotel" journeys during this period are canceled. Disko Line writes directly to the affected travelers.

Valid for travel after May 31, 2020

As soon as there is news from the authorities that directly influences a specified travel period after May 31, 2020, Disko Line contacts these travelers and informs them of the situation. We will follow this procedure as new announcements come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Greenland Government.

For all Disko Line's package tours "Cruise & Hotel" departing after May 31, 2020, our general travel conditions apply in principle. Please read “Terms of Trade here”

Valid for travel after July 20th, 2020

All arriving air passengers from outside Greenland must keep their masks on until they reach their final destination unless they have stayed for more than 14 days in Greenland, the Faroe Islands or Iceland.

Re-test on the 5th day after arrival, as well as quarantine will be canceled in larger cities if the final destination is one of the cities below:

  • Nuuk
  • Paamiut
  • Sisimiut
  • Maniitsoq
  • Qaqortoq
  • Narsaq
  • Aasiaat
  • Qasigiannguit
  • Qeqertarsuaq
  • Ilulissat

  • We recommend that you stay up to date with the requirements of the authorities at all times, as there may be changes or additional restrictions.

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