Nice to Know

Buying tickets:

When you buy your ticket you can choose to:

Ticket refunds:

It is possible to refund a ticket for a fee of 75 DKK per ticket on Disko Line's wepage. Valid tickets can be refunded online, until latest 04.00 pm workingday before departure. The remaining amount is automatically refunded to the credit card used at payment. Click here to refund your ticket


Cancellations and delays:

In the event of irregularity you can choose between two options: Accept a rebooking from helicopter to ship, in order to reach your destination as fast as possible. Or choose to accept the first available departure with Disko Line regardless of the means of transportation.

Please note: In some cases we will automatically rebook you from helicopter to ship or vice versa. If you, for some reason, wish to be rebooked to your originally means of transportation, you must contact us by phone.

When you accept a rebooking, you will neither be refunded any difference in price nor charged for any increased price.

There will be no compensation for loss of earnings.

In the event of irregularity we differentiate between those with hold a proof of residence in Greenland and those who don’t.  For that reason it is IMPORTANT that you always carry your proof of residence with you on your travel.

If you do not hold a proof of residence in Greenland, we highly recommend that you take out a travel insurance which covers any travel delay.

Click here to read more about irregularity


Travel by ship:

Baggage allowance is 30 kg.

Passengers must arrive at ship's side 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. In case the passenger fails to show up within this time limit and complete the check-in, the ticket is lost and will not be refunded.


Travel by helicopter:

Baggage allowance is one piece of baggage with the maximum weight of 20 kg. and one piece of hand luggage of max. 8 kg (55x40x23cm).

Please remember to arrive well in advance at the airport and at least 60 minutes prior to departure. If you fail to comply with the time limit, you will be considered a ‘no show’. This means your ticket is lost and may be resold. You are not entitled to a refund of your ticket. 

If you are in transit between two trips, you may have less than 60 minutes from arrival until departure. In this case you are exempt from the above mentioned rule. 


Terms of trade:

If you need any further information please read our terms of trade.

Click here to read more about terms of trade here

For further advice or guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.