Changes of ship and helicopter tickets

You can change your ticket until 16.00 the day before departure by paying a fee of DKK 50 per ticket.

The paid amount for the changed ticket will be deducted in the new booking. Please notice that excess amounts will not be refunded, but are lost. Please consider whether it is more profitable for you to refund the ticket, compared to changing it.

How to do it:

  1. Find your current ship or helicopter ticket and use the information from the tickets already issued.
  2. On Disko Line web page, please select the new desired travel times  and fill in your personal data.
  3. The choose "add to cart" and you will now receive a new schedule.
  4. Just below the schedule you will find 3 links: "continue shopping"/"empty cart"/"change ticket".
  5. Choose "change ticket" and fill in the two fields with information on your order and ticket number from the ticket you wish to change.
  6. Press "save" and repeat step 4,5 and 6 if you need to change more than one ticket. Presss "save" for each ticket you want to change.
  7. Proceed to payment, after which the changes are accepted.
  8. Print the your new tickets for transfer by ship or helicopter.

PLEASE NOTICE: It is not possible to changes or cancel ship or helicopter tickets purchased as part of a "Cruise and hotel" travel.


It is not possible to refund a ticket on our website.

If the value of the changed ticket is higher than the price of the new booking, one must apply for refund. Refund is not possible on , contact Disko Line (see ref. 2.7.A Conveyance regulations).

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