Ilimanaq Lodge

When staying in Ilimanaq Lodge, you have the opportunity to see what life is like in a small and unique settlement. All Seafront Cabins are situated on the cliffs by the water and have an amazing sea view of the Disko Bay. In 2016 Ilimanaq Lodge was established in collaboration with Real Dania, Qaasuitsup Municipality and the local tour agency World of Greenland. In connection with the cottages there is a restaurant in the recently restored merchant's houses, one of Greenland’s oldest buildings. The seafront cabins are brand new from 2016 and feature comfortable furniture and modern facilities as well as a breathtaking view to the icebergs floating by in Disko Bay.

In Ililmanaq you will find no cars. Instead you can experience total silence only interrupted by the occasional howling of dogs. An easy hike around the settlement will give a good understanding of life in a small settlement. Ilimanaq is located right next to the world famous Ilulissat Icefjord with its huge icebergs and exciting wildlife and there are many possibilities for beautiful hikes and excursions. You might want to see the former settlement of Qajaa, go sailing into the fjord system by Tasiusaq or go on glacier hiking near Kangia Icefiord. 

In 2016 Ilimanaq Lodge was established in collaboration with Real Dania, who has been responsible for the restoration of one of Greenland’s oldest buildings, now a restaurant. When staying in Ilimanaq Lodge, all meals will be served in these historic buildings.  If the weather allows it, the terrace at Ilimanaq lodge restaurant is a very nice place to enjoy your lunch, as it faces the icefiord and Disko Bay!

Ilimanaq lodge

Superior+ værelse

The view of Disko Bay

All seafront cabins are in the front row and boast an excellent view from the living room, terrace and even the bedroom to the Disko Bay with its amazing icebergs. There is room for 2 persons in each cabin; however there is a sofa bed which can accommodate two additional people. Breakfast is included in the price.

Nordic look

All seafront cabins are staggered along the ocean front with stunning views over the Disko Bay. They all feature modern furniture in a rustic, Nordic look, which is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the silence in the living-room or on the terrace. Each cabin contains a private bathroom and toilet – a luxury compared to many of the locals, as the settlement doesn't have a central water supply system.


Ilimanaq is one of Greenland's oldest settlements - founded in 1741. Ilimanaq means ‘place of expectations’, which presumably refers to the fact that Ilimanaq formerly was a summer settlement, and a great catch was expected.

Ilimanaq is located only 15 km from Ilulissat, however, the journey from Ilulissat to Ilimanaq by boat is absolutely marvelous as you pass by the enormous grounded icebergs from Kangia ice fjord along the way. In 2015 Ilimanaq had 52 registered inhabitants. The settlement is clustered around the harbor and all the houses in the settlement overlook the Disko Bay and Disko Island, some 100 kilometers away.