Glacier Lodge Eqi - Next to the Icecap

70 km in beeline north of Ilulissat, you will find a true pearl: the area near the glacier Eqip Sermia, known as "Eqi". The glacier front is 3.4 km, and the average height from the sea bed to the top is approximately 200 metres of which 30 to 180 metres are above sea level.

The Eqi glacier is unique as it is one of the most active glaciers in all of Greenland. Throughout the day large and small chunks of ice break off approx. once per hour. On a trip to Eqi you are guaranteed to witness the sight and deafening crash of the ice breaking off.

Glacier Lodge Eqi is a wilderness hotel with 16 cosy cabins for overnight stays. All cabins have a terrace with a stunning view of the glacier. Meals and beverages can be enjoyed in the small café at the site, Café Victor. Full board included - (Beverages not included).


All cabins are double rooms for two persons. They include a couch, chairs lined with musk ox skin and nice beds, duvets, pillows, linen and towels. You are welcome to bring the chairs to the terrace and enjoy the sight of the calving glacier. In Eqi nature is taken good care of; small footbridges connect the cabins and the focus is on more sustainability.

Superior+ værelse

Comfort Cabins

’Comfort cabins’ offers luxury in the wilderness. The cabins are in the front row and through the wide window the new Comfort huts gives a panoramic view of both the glacier and the fiord. Enjoy the view from the bed, couch or the terrace. If the midnight sun is too bright it is possible to pull down the curtains.

The Comfort cabins have water closet, shower and underfloor heating. All the energy used in the Comfort huts comes from the sun. Solar panels generate electricity and vacuum tubes heat the water, which comes from a nearby meltwater lake.

Full board included and are served in Café Victor. (Beverages not included)

Standard Cabins

Eqi Standard cabins have as well a spectacular panoramic view of the calving glacier. Enjoy the stunning view from the terrace or from a recliner chair in the cabin.

All cabins are cosy and sparsely furnished with good beds, a gas heater and a wash tub. At the end of the season, the midnight sun or the oil lantern are the only sources of light at night, as there is no electricity in the cabins.

Full board included and are served in Café Victor. (Beverages not included)

The Journey to Glacier Lodge Eqi

The Boat trip to Glacier Lodge Eqi:

09.00: We leave Ilulissat in a comfortable boat, with plenty of space inside as well as outside. Upon departure tea and coffee is available and some bread will be served. Beer and soft drinks can be purchased. On the way the guide will inform about the sights we pass by on our boat trip. We will most likely see giant icebergs from the Kangia glacier as well as seals and whales. We pass by the village of Rodebay with its traditional colourful houses, and beautifully situated next to the sea. (It is possible to buy beverages).

12.30: We arrive at Egi. At a safe distance we now enjoy the view of the 180 m. glacier front and lunch is served on board the boat (lunch incl.). We watch for the next two hours, as big chunks of heavy ice breaks off the glacier and trembles intensely into the sea.

aprox 14.30: The boat calls at Port Victor at Ice Camp Eqi with only a short distance to the glacier. Those who will be staying overnight leave the boat and the rest stays on board. On shore the staff at Ice camp Eqi helps accommodate us in the huts. Coffee/tea and cake is served while you will be given some practical information. The rest of the day is at your own disposal.

On days of departure from Glacier Lodge Eqi the boat leaves at 14.30. The boat returns, following the same course as on the way up, although the scenery seems quite different now. However, seals and whales are still a common sight. Coffee/tea and cake will be served (incl.) he boat returns to Ilulissat at 18.00 hours.

Remark: Time can vary in departures to/from Glacier Lodge Eqi. Info will be given directly to the traveler.

Free Adventures and Excursion Suggestions

There is a wide range of different opportunities to do beautiful hiking trips in the area around Ice Camp Eqi. The ground is relatively easy with no risk of getting lost. The staff at Ice Camp Eqi will assist with suggestions to trips in the area. Depending on the level of your hiking experience you can do the hikes by yourself or alternatively buy a guided tour (easy to order at Eqi upon arrival).

Hiking to the lagoon, moraine and the glacier. We set off from the huts and hike around the small lagoon situated south at the glacier. In the lagoon you can often see big flock of geese during breeding season. The trip to the edge of the beautiful moraine rewards you with a view of the 70 meters high glacier front at very close range while immense lumps of ice break off into the sea. The trip will take approximately 4 hours. Guide tour included at 09.00 on the day for your departure from Eqi.

A day trip leading into and up on the ice cap. The trip is long and varied and brings you through varied landscapes: lush lowlands, windswept highland, moraines and, not least, the ice cap with its canyons, rivers and glaciers. We follow the trail of Paul-Emile Victor leading into and up on the ice cap. In the period after the Second World War caterpillars supplying the famous ice cap expeditions of Paul-Emile Victor drove this way and today we see the remains of the machines and an old funicular. In the valley just before reaching the moraine we enjoy our lunch before setting off on the ice cap. The highlight of the day is the trek on the ice cap where we can see the spectacular phenomena of the ice sheet. After a long and hard day we return late in the afternoon and enjoy a well-deserved dinner.