Glacier Lodge Eqi

70 km in beeline north of Ilulissat, you will find a true pearl: the area near the glacier Eqip Sermia, known as "Eqi". The glacier front is 3,4 km, and the average height from the sea bed to the top is approximately 200 metres of which 30 to 180 metres are above sea level.

Here in a remote part of Greenland you feel the rush of the greenlandic nature with its vast expanses, and the Ice Cap forming a fine frame around the mountains and the glaciers flowing into the sea. The Eqi glacier is unique as it is one of the most active glaciers in all of Greenland. Throughout the day large and small chunks of ice break off approx. once per hour. The deafening crash of the ice breaking off starts the travel of ice into the Atlantic. On a trip to Eqi, we have plenty of time to experience the calving glacier, as we drift around in our boat between the icebergs (at a safe distance), waiting for chunks of ice to fall off.

Glacier Lodge Eqi

It is possible to visit Eqi on a one day trip, but we strongly recommend that you stay one, or even better, two nights at Glacier Lodge Eqi. Such as stay in the wilderness is, no doubt, one of the biggest highlights you will find in Greenland.

Enjoy the stunning view from Glacier Lodge Eqi - from your own cabin, Café Victor or out on a hike in the area. The active ones may like to follow the trail made by the French expedition leader of Paul-Emile Victor all the way to the ice cap. You can walk to the edge of ice cap, where the ice meets the green bedrock - the landscape is magnificent with turquoise melt-water rivers. If you hire a guide you can even come all the way up on the ice cap.

Cafe Victor

Cafe Victor is the natural gathering point for all travelers to Glacier Lodge Eqi. Enjoy a cup of coffe, a cold glass of white wine or a beer sitting on the terrace while 'meditating' at the calving glacier. In the Cafe all guests meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where all meals are served. The food is superb and mainly based on fresh, local ingredients.

Glacier Lodge Eqi - The perfect mix of the joy of civilization and remote nature: Eqi offers the very best from two worlds.

Glacier Lodge Eqi consists of 4 luxury cabins, 10 standard cabins and 6 luxury wilderness tents. All cabins / luxury wildernes tents have a terrace and panoramic windows with a stunning view of the calving glacier.

Cafe Victor Eqi

The Ice Cap

The trip is long and varied and takes us all the way to the ice cap, and as we walk the greatness of the area becomes visible. The Lodge soon seems very small by the coast and behind the mountains a small white stripe shows: The Inland Ice. As we get closer to the the ice cap, the ground is more uneven with small rocks. If you wish to take a hike on the ice cap, you will need to hire a special guide (acuisition). Up here you may be lucky to see small rivers and melt-water wells.
Indlandsisen Eqi

The Moraine

A hike to the edge of the moraine at the Eqi glacier rewards you with a breath-taking view across the gigantic glacier with its crevasses and blue melt-water lakes between the ice peaks. What seemed to be a small sand hill next to the glacier now reveals it self as a huge fringe of rocks and sand. Guide hike to Moraine will be included for all guests staying overnight at Glacier Lodge Eqi.

Moraine Eqi

River Delta

A small melt-water river runs behind Glacier Lodge Eqi. From Glacier Lodge Eqi it's possible to go on a small hike and besides the glacier you will see the vast delta. Only a few hundred metres from the cabins you already feel alone in the wilderness - a remarkable natural experience!

Excursion Suggestions:
  • A guided hike on the ice sheet
  • A guided hike  to the Eqi moraine
Free Adventures in the Area
  • View to the calving Eqi glacier
  • View to the the ice sheet
  • Hike to the moraine
  • Hike to the ice sheet
  • Hike to the river delta next to Eqi
Lodges in the Wilderness
  • Glacier Lodge Eqi