Aasiaat - The land of a thousand islands

Aasiaat is located on an island on the southern and outermost edge of the Disko Bay. The island is part of an area of archipelagos, in popular speech called "the land with the thousand islands". Here in Aasiaat icebergs from the many calving glaciers in the Disko Bay are seen drifting by.

Aasiaat, also called Egedesminde in Danish, is a town with more than 3.000 inhabitants and is thereby Greenland’s fifth-largest town.

Many of the islands in the area are protected and provide wonderful opportunities to study the unique animal life. In the summer time you easily come across humpback whales when sailing between the islands.

Fishing is the primary economic activity; however the town houses a regular school, a high school and a special school and is the centre of education in Northern Greenland. 

Der In Aasiaat you will find a variety of shops such as supermarkets and clothing stores. Another place to spend money is “brættet”, where hunters and fishermen sell today’s catch. There is always a lot of activity in and around the harbor, and it is well worth a visit.

If you wish to get a little closer to the marine wildlife and icebergs, the summer provides great opportunities to go on a trip by kayak or yawl. If you prefer to stay indoor, you may visit the town's museum or perhaps the village hall, which displays 24 paintings by Per Kirkeby.

Aasiaat is a town in which life is lived in traditional Greenlandic manner. Sledge dogs are a natural part of the transportation and the harbour is busy with boats rushing to and from fishing close to the great icebergs.

You have every opportunity to experience Greenland's fifth largest city. Not many tourists come to town and everyday life is right at your feet.

This video shows sequences from different locations in Disko Bay and Tasiilaq.
Free Adventures in the Area
  • Spotting for whales from the coast
  • Hiking
  • City walk
  • Aasiaat museum
Hotels i town
  • Sømandshjemmet