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Dagstur til Eqip Sermia

Day trip to Eqip Sermia

Experience the beautiful Eqi glacier that runs into the fjord north of Ilulissat.


Icefjord Cruise

Get closer to the impressive Greenlandic nature with Icefjord Cruise.


Whale Safari

Take a whale safari in Disko Bay and have a unique experience.


Fishing in Disko Bay

Enjoy a cosy and relaxing fishing trip in Greenland's magnificent nature.

Package tours in Greenland

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Disko Island, Icebergs and Eqi Glacier

Disko Island, Icebergs and Eqi Glacier

Experience Disko Island’s glaciers, Disko Bay’s huge icebergs and legendary whales.

Spring and the Midnight Sun in Greenland

Spring and the Midnight Sun in Greenland

The need for sleep is less, the energy levels higher and the sight of the sun warms the soul. This is spring in Greenland.

Ilulissat og Ilimanaq

Ilulissat and Ilimanaq

Waking up with a view over Disko Bay is breathtaking. The sight of whales swimming among colossal icebergs is surreal.

Vores ultimative Grønlandsrejse

Our Ultimate Greenland Trip

On this ultimate tour of Greenland visit 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites plus 10 towns and settlements during the 1,200 km long coastal voyage.